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    Indulge in the rich nature of Myoko Kogen and enjoy what Lime Resort Myoko has to offer

    The team behind Lime Resort Myoko has put together a well thought out getaway for you to feel at home in the nature of Myoko Kogen. Just over 2 hours from Tokyo, the resort is located right in the center of Myoko Kogen where one can indulge in various outdoor activities throughout the four seasons. Tailored to your lifestyle, the hotel’s cool design allow you to chill in many corners from the relaxing lobby lounge to the stylish Library Bar with great music offerings.

  • The resort also offers a wellness program in the spacious gym such as yoga lessons and fitness training program (both coming live starting Spring 2019), in addition to the mineral rich natural Onsen bath tapped right from Mt Myoko’s Minami Jigokudani. At Lime Kitchen, the chef specially prepares food using fresh ingredients from the local area, along with well thought out drinks selection from local craft beer to sake from the Niigata region.

    The Library bar is well stocked with books; the kids have a spacious playroom to enjoy themselves. For the executives who need to take conference calls or arrange for small meeting in the resort, Lime Resort Myoko offers you conference and meeting facilities, together with a strong WiFi network throughout the whole resort satisfying your need for connectivity.

“proximity to snow resorts”

Myoko is one of Japan’s largest ski resort town's
In addition to Ikenotaira Onsen Ski Resort, there are seven other ski resorts in the foothills of Mt. Myoko.



Myoko is one of Japan's largest ski resort town's.
In addition to Ikenotaira Onsen Ski Resort, there are seven other ski resorts in the foothills of Mt. Myoko, boasting 50 courses and 37 lifts.
Get close to nature amidst the tree runs and enjoy the abundant fluffy powder Japan has to offer. Try snowshoeing, cross-country skiing or other delightful activities in the vast snow fields of Myoko.



A summer resort is surrounded by lush greenery.
There are many cooler areas than city, and the plateau is perfect for spending a hot summer, enjoy various outdoor sports, nature experiences and trekking.



Soak in the natural hot spring of Myoko. Explore three different types of baths including the main bath area, outdoor rock bath and Shigaraki porcelain bathtubs

  • Natural style large bath
  • Main bath room
  • Sigaraki pottery style bath


Boasting a delicious menu of western and Japanese dishes specially prepared by our chef with locally sourced ingredients. Enjoy healthy miso paste and soy sauce produced from Myoko, a town famed for its fermented food culture.

Restaurant & Bar
  • Dinner main dish


A total of 34 guest rooms, the resort has 6 different room types catering to families or couples. There are also 2 baby friendly rooms so that parents can bring their new born together for a getaway.

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